Technical Information

In this document, you find some information on how LAT is handling the configuration. This is especially useful for setting up multi-user environments.

From Version 3.2.0 on, LAT is storing its configuration in a XML file in the user’s Local Application Data folder.In Windows 7, this is normally the folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\LAT

The file is named lat_config.xml and looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <Location>Medical University of Vienna</Location>
  <SubLocation>1090 Wien</SubLocation>

The entries have the following meaning:

  • DataFile: This is the path to the Database file. It is an MS Acess database. By default, the database file in the user’s Application Data directory. If you want to setup a multi-user-environment, then the database file lat3data.mdb needs to be moved to shared folder, and the entry “DataFile” needs to be edited accordingly for each user.
  • Language: This is the default Language, and can be changed by its each user individually. LAT stores data in a neutral coding, so different languages can be mixed in one shared database.
  • Location / SubLocation: These two entries are defining the first and second Line which are showing up in printed reports. The naming has historical reasons. In previous versions, these lines were also used for identifiying records from different databases, but this is not used anymore.




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